Study: History Of Marijuana Use Associated With Decreased In-Hospital Mortality In Trauma Patients

thumbs_upTrauma patients who test positive for marijuana upon their admission to the intensive care unit are less likely to die during hospitalization than are age-matched controls, according to data published online ahead of print in The Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery.

A team of researchers from the University of Arizona analyzed the in-hospital mortality rates of adults admitted into the ICU over a five-year period, of which 2,678 were matched (1,339: marijuana positive, 1,339 marijuana negative).

Authors concluded: “Patients with a positive marijuana screen had a lower mortality rate (5.3 percent versus 8.9 percent) compared to patients with a negative marijuana screen. … Prospective studies with long-term follow up will be useful in answering many of the remaining questions surrounding the specific impact of marijuana on outcomes after trauma.”

Prior studies have similarly reported greater survival rates among marijuana-positive patients hospitalized for traumatic brain injuries and heart attacks as compared to matched controls.

An abstract of the study, “How does marijuana effect outcomes after trauma in ICU patients? A propensity matched analysis,” appears online here.

Chronic Medical Cannabis Use by US Legal Patients, Part 1

Even as the federal government calls for more research into medical marijuana, it has refused to study it’s own patients, who receive monthly shipments of Cannabis though the IND(Investigational New Drug Program). One patient, appearing at the 2002 Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics where this series was presented, had received 300 “joints” per month for 20 years. Quantifiable and assayed for THC, the government-grown marijuana is low quality, but has suceeded in treating the conditions for which it was prescribed, with little apparent harmful effects. Patients Out of Time, hosts of the conference, knew this opportunity for good science shouldn’t be missed, so it enlisted the help of doctors and researchers to perform physical and pyschological tests on four of the legal patients: Elvy Musikka; Irvin Rosenfeld; George McMahon and a MS patient. Dr. Ethan Russo, co-ordinator of the study, first presents patient demographics; medical conditions; and dosage levels, then lists tests performed, including: MRI scans; chest x-rays and pulminory function tests; neuro-pychological exams; endocrine and immune system tests. The entire one hour presentation from which Part 1 is edited can be viewed at: including the “Beck Depression Inventory”, which showed a remarkable lack of clinical depression in the legal marijuana patients(considering their serious medical conditions),as Dr. Russo challenges the “attitude among gov’t officials that euphoria is a bad

Two Southern States Show Majority Support for Medical Marijuana

In another sign of the changing times, this past week two new polls have been released demonstrating majority support for allowing the medical use of marijuana in two southern states, a region historically less supportive of cannabis law reforms.

A poll conducted by Public Policy Polling revealed that most North Carolinians believe that a doctor should possess the legal option to authorize marijuana for patients. Support for legalizing medical marijuana is at 58% overall, with 33% opposed and 9% undecided. A majority of every age group under age 65 supports allowing for the medical use of marijuana. The poll surveyed 608 North Carolina voters between January 10 and January 13, 2013.

Another Public Policy Polling survey had the majority of West Virginians supporting the medical use of cannabis, 53% in favor to 40% opposed. Further, when asked which is a safer treatment for debilitating pain: the medical use of marijuana or Oxycontin, 63% responded medical marijuana. You can view more data from this poll here.

Legislation to allow for the medical use of cannabis is expected to be introduced in both states this year. If you live in North Carolina, you can currently use NORML’s Take Action Center to write your elected officials and tell them to support this legislation by clicking here.

These recent polls are indicative of the attitude shift towards cannabis that is occurring across the country. Check NORML’s Take Action Center to see if marijuana related legislation has been filed in your state and use our form to easily contact your elected officials in support of these important measures. Check back often, as new legislation is being introduced constantly.

San Francisco Medical Marijuana Doctor Offers Three Rules of Medical Cannabis Use

San Francisco, CA (Vocus/PRWEB) January 08, 2011

Greenway Medical Marijuana Physicians Evaluations? Medical Director, Dr. Arif Khan advises his patients to follow three rules in order to benefit from medical cannabis. Dr. Khan, a cannabis-knowledgeable physician, works with Greenway patients to find the right combination and method of medical marijuana use to address their specific symptoms.

?Cannabis is a complex medication with a spectrum of benefits, and safe therapeutic use requires selecting strains (Indica v. Sativa) and moderating dosage, depending on each patient?s medical condition,? said Khan.

Dr. Khan?s Three Rules of Medical Cannabis Use are:

Rule #1: Question the Dispensary

Patients need to question their dispensary about the various types of medical marijuana and the elements of each strain. The characteristics of cannabis vary depending on where it was grown, and how it was grown (indoor or outdoor / in hydro, soil, or organic). The dispensaries should know the answers.

Rule #2: Make it Personal

Patients need to use the appropriate strain of cannabis for the medical condition. What friends or family are using may not be effective for the patient. For instance, Sativa is generally not a good choice for patients suffering from insomnia, high blood pressure, heart disease, or anxiety. For these conditions, Indica is typically a better choice.

If a patient is suffering from depression, Indica strains could potentially bring on more severe symptoms. Patients should discuss Indica-Sativa hybrids with Dr. Khan and their local dispensary provider.

Rule #3 Timing and Dosage

The type of cannabis patients need in the morning may be completely different from what they need in the evening. For instance, patients suffering from morning nausea, midday stress, or evening relaxation require different delivery methods and strains of medicinal marijuana.

Medical marijuana can be ingested, smoked, vaporized, drank, taken in a capsule, and applied topically as a salve or ointment. Patients suffering from localized pain may benefit more from applying cannabis salves and other topical treatments rather than ingesting or smoking cannabis.

For asthma sufferers, smoking is out of the question, so they should try taking their medication in the form of a drink, tea, tincture, or other edible form.

For more information about effective medical cannabis use, contact Greenway Medical Marijuana Physicians Evaluations at (415) 777-0157, visit their website at, or drop by the clinic located at 393 Tehama Street in San Francisco. Greenway?s fax number is (415) 777-0153.

About Greenway Medical Marijuana Physicians Evaluations

Greenway Medical Marijuana Physicians Evaluations is a downtown San Francisco medical marijuana clinic. Greenway provides efficient, low cost medical evaluations to the qualifying public for medicinal marijuana accessibility. Medical Director, Dr. Arif Khan believes in providing a compassionate, non-judgmental and a detailed evaluation of each patient?s medical problem. Based on his shared experience at Greenway, he formulates an individualized treatment plan which incorporates the different strains of cannabis, guiding the patient through an otherwise confusing initial experience.

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San Jose Medical Marijuana 420 Evaluations Now Open to Help Patients Achieve Natural and Affordable Pain Relief

San Jose, CA (Vocus/PRWEB) March 07, 2011

Patients in need often struggle to find reasonably priced medication for their worst aches and pains. The mission of newly opened San Jose 420 Evaluations is to provide Bay Area residents with affordable medical marijuana recommendations, and a superior solution to their chronic condition. Getting a medical marijuana card has never been easier because San Jose 420 Evaluations provides care to anyone in need.

?Money should not interfere or prevent people from getting the recommendation they need,? said Eugene, who founded San Jose 420 Evaluations in July 2010. ?I always give discounts to Veterans and anyone else in need.?

At San Jose 420 Evaluations, a licensed physician personally reviews each case, ensuring patient?s security and comfort. Common ailments that warrant a doctor?s recommendation for medical cannabis include cancer, AIDS, anorexia, chronic pain, spasticity, glaucoma, arthritis, migraine, insomnia, PMS, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and substance abuse.

San Jose medical card carriers gain access to legal marijuana from a variety of dispensaries, all specializing in the holistic healing of pain. Under California State Law, a patient must have a physician recommendation to obtain a Medical Marijuana Card for access to Medicinal Marijuana. Medical Marijuana Recommendations are valid for one year.

To consult with a San Jose medical marijuana doctor and obtain a medical marijuana card, make an appointment with San Jose 420 Evaluations at (408) 916-1407. Walk-ins are welcome, so visit their practice at 115 North 4th Street, #106, San Jose CA 95112. San Jose 420 Evaluations can also be found online at

About San Jose 420 Evaluations:

San Jose 420 Evaluations is a Medical Cannabis clinic in San Jose and serving all of the South Bay. San Jose 420 provides efficient, and compassionate medical evaluations for those qualified to access Medical Marijuana. San Jose 420 is a physician owned and operated clinic offering evaluations given only by California MD?s.

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Related Medical Marijuana Doctors Press Releases

HopeNet Increases Hours of Operation, Remodels Facility to Benefit Medical Cannabis Patients

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 13, 2011

HopeNet, one of San Fransicso?s oldest and most trusted dispensaries, is happy to announce two significant steps in their mission to alleviate suffering through medicinal marijuana. Facility upgrades mean HopeNet is a safer, more inviting place, and extended hours mean more patients will be able to use the facility.

?HopeNet members are excited about the extended hours from 10 A.M. to 9 P.M. in San Francisco?s South of Market district (SOMA),? said Catherine Smith, spokesperson for HopeNet. ?We really look forward to helping a large number of new people in our great new space and through our extended hours.?

Finding HopeNet open in the past has proven difficult, as most patients have busy work-days that overlapped with rush-hour traffic and their office hours. Opening earlier and staying open later in the evening will help patients avoid the rush and stress of getting their medication in a timely fashion, and hopefully offer just that much more of a relief when walking through HopeNet?s front door. A patient can now afford to spend 10-15 minutes and smoke a joint, relax, read or chat with others, and enjoy a cup of fresh water before heading back out onto 9th Street. Patients will also feel secure at night while inside and outside of HopeNet with improved lighting for extra security.

HopeNet has the Best Quality Cold Water Hash and Award Winning Marijuana. Edibles are Single and Double dose ranging from delicious flavored Hard Candies to Sliced Pound Cake. For Patients that are disabled or seriously ill, they can take advantage of HopeNet?s Free Medical Cannabis Delivery Service that covers San Francisco Bay Area. Patients can review the daily menu before placing an order at their convenience from home and have their medical marijuana within the hour.

At HopeNet, Medical Cannabis Patients can purchase medicine and medicate on-site at their leisure. Springtime brings a revitalized Zen Den at HopeNet, with the scent of fresh flora and water falling filling the air; while the 420 Lounge gets new furnishings and the ever-available assortment of smoking and vaporizing accessories.

City and State regulations require patients to have their I.D. and proof of recommendation on them at all times when visiting a dispensary. Only a verifiable doctor?s recommendations is valid at HopeNet Northern California.

About HopeNet

Established by Catherine and Steve Smith in 1999 as a Doctors Referral Clinic and converted into a Medical Cannabis Dispensary (MCD) in 2002 to serve the needs of patients around the Bay Area, HopeNet has led the way in cannabis legislation, patient services, and neighborhood outreach.

HopeNet became politically active to better serve patients and help other MCDs and community resource centers serving the medical community by crafting fair legislation which looks out for the best interest of all.

San Francisco was one of the first cities to adopt formal regulations and came to HopeNet for guidance in crafting guidelines for the rest of the MCDs of the city. Steve and Cathy Smith worked closely with the Board of Supervisors during 2004 in writing the legislation for these regulations, eventually including other city departments in the process. This included working groups, one-on-one meetings, and town hall discussions with various aspects of city government; from the Police Department, to the Fire Department, Planning Department, Department of Building and Inspection, District Attorneys Office, Mayors Office for Disabilities, San Francisco Board of Supervisors, and the Health Department which oversees the MCD program.

The regulations became official in 2005, and HopeNet was the first MCD to go through the newly crafted permitting process; again working hand in hand with the Health Department and other assorted San Francisco city departments in hashing out the practical difficulties of implementing the permitting process.

HopeNet still works closely with the Police Department and District Attorneys Office through working groups and aiding officers and command staff with staying current with cannabis legislation. They also continue to work with the San Francisco Fire Department on cultivation guidelines to help the city continue to be a safe place for both growers and residents to live and work.


Over 7% of Patients Cite Marijuana as Preferred Treatment Option

Philadelphia, PA (Vocus/PRWEB) April 19, 2011

Over 7% of online patient discussions about alternative treatments mention marijuana as an effective option, according to a new study released today by ListenLogic, a social media intelligence firm. Findings from the study show that ? from arthritis to ADHD and diabetes to depression ? patients discuss using marijuana to treat a wide variety of medical conditions.

?We all know that medical marijuana is currently being used to treat conditions such as neurogenic pain, movement disorders, and glaucoma,? said Mark Langsfeld, Founder & CEO of ListenLogic. ?However, in social media we?re seeing more patients discuss using marijuana as an effective treatment option across many therapeutic areas, including specific forms of epilepsy, arthritis, and even schizophrenia.?

The personal anonymity afforded by social media is allowing for new research to occur regarding alternative treatment options, as patients feel less inhibited to share how they?re treating certain conditions. In an ADHD study conducted last quarter, ListenLogic found that many ADHD and mood disorder patients were hiding their marijuana use from their doctor.

?We also see patients discussing how to access marijuana to treat their condition and seek advice from other online users regarding its legality,? said Vince Schiavone, co-founder & Chairman. ?That?s how desperate they are to experience relief from their conditions. And this comes up consistently across a wide variety of therapeutic areas.?

According to the study, 7.3% of patients across 12 therapeutic areas publicly cite marijuana as an alternative treatment option while 18% cite herbal medicine. Acupuncture is cited by 4.2% and aromatherapy by 1%. The study was based upon on analysis of over 30,000 online, patient-level conversations across different medical conditions within which alternative treatments were mentioned.

To view the complete findings of the study ?Online Patients: Alternative Treatment Options?, please visit

About ListenLogic

ListenLogic is a leading social media intelligence and analytics company that helps Global 1000 companies manage their reputation, engage with customers and drive innovation. ListenLogic?s Social Listening Intelligence Center (SLIC) provides enterprises with real-time listening and response to manage the daily corporate threats and outreach opportunities that emerge from social media. ListenLogic?s Consumer Insight solutions deliver deep understanding of consumer mindsets to drive product and marketing innovation. ListenLogic Health, a dedicated help division, specializes in providing social media intelligence to pharmaceutical, health and wellness companies. ListenLogic is headquartered outside of Philadelphia, PA and has offices in San Jose, CA. For further information, visit |, or

Media Contact:

Chris Karnes

For ListenLogic



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More Medical Marijuana Doctors Press Releases

Feds force the seriously ill medical cannabis patients to the street, a BPG documentary

Thousands of severely ill patients in California are being denied access to care, and thrown to the street with no alternative. My name is Mary Elizabeth Davis. I am a retired licensed vocational nurse with severe osteoarthritis and need to have both my knees replaced. All the pharmaceutical medications I have been prescribed have caused side effects including: additional pain, vision problems, nausea and blood clots. My doctor eventually recommended I try medicinal cannabis, and I found Berkeley Patients Group, a not-for-profit medical cannabis collective, that has successfully treated me where pharmaceuticals failed. On May 1st, after operating for over 12 years without incident and full local support, the Federal Government forced Berkeley Patients Group to close its doors by threatening its landlord with propertyforfeiture and decades in prison. Today I am speaking not only for myself, but in the name of millions of patients, here in the United States, who like me, have been denied access to medical cannabis and been thrown to the street with no alternative. President Obama promised at the beginning of his administration to respect state medical marijuana laws. He has broken this promise time and time again — and the consequences have been devastating. Tell President Obama and the Justice Department: enough is enough. Keep your campaign promise, and stop the attacks on medical cannabis patients!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Kaya Compassion Medical Marijuana Dispensary’s New Pricing Policy Shows How “Competition Helps Patients” – Says Dispensary Defense Group

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 11, 2009

Kaya Compassion Center, a medical marijuana dispensary near LAX, announced today that it is setting a maximum price of $ 55 for one eighth of an ounce of its highest grade of medical cannabis. It also announced that it is becoming a Founding Sponsor of the Dispensary Defense Group, a newly launched advocate for the dispensary system.

Richard Cowan, the President of the DDG and a former National Director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), hailed the move, saying, “Patients need and deserve the widest possible choices of the highest quality medicines at the best possible prices at the most convenient locations, and we salute Kaya and its members for standing up for their rights.”

Cowan, who is also a medical marijuana patient appeared at Kaya last Sunday (7/5/09) to thank them for their support. Cowan also thanked the Marijuana Medicine Evaluation Centers (providers of medical marijuana cards) for their support for the DDG and for patients. “I got my own card through the MMEC because of their Attorney Protection Program, which helps patients who have problems with law enforcement.”

Cowan added, “The medical marijuana dispensary system is a positive good, not only for the patients, but also for the entire community. By providing a safe source of medicine for patients, the dispensaries deprive poly-drug street dealers of a big part of the market. The dispensaries also employ a large number of patients, who might not otherwise be able to get jobs. They also pay rent on locations that would otherwise be vacant in these difficult times.”

Justin Hartfield, whose cannabis club locator service was the original Founding Sponsor of the DDG, noted, “When a dispensary is well-run and draws enough patients, everyone wins. Volume lowers costs, so suppliers can lower prices. That is more important than ever, and that is why we are proud to support the DDG, and we hope that all of the best dispensaries will follow Kaya’s example and join the DDG.”

For more information, see the Dispensary Defense Group.

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Related Cannabis Clubs Press Releases

Cali420 Doctor Evaluation Opens San Jose Clinic to Aid Patients in Achieving Holistic Pain Relief

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) August 24, 2011

Cali420 was formed with a strong belief in the healing properties of Medical Marijuana to aid patients suffering from life-threatening diseases such as cancer, aids, to depression, stress and anxiety.

Cali420 has evaluated several patients from all over the South Bay and San Francisco Bay Area. In a short time, Cali420 has become a leading provider of medical cannabis evaluations in the San Jose area. The evaluation doctors at Cali420 are both trained as medical doctors usually with an Internal Medicine degree and also have been trained in medical marijuana treatment.

Under California State Law, patients that receive a Legal Medical Marijuana Card are granted access to Medicinal Marijuana from Cannabis Dispensaries and Holistic Medical Facilities. Furthermore, according to California State Law, Medical Cannabis patients are required to have a certified Medical Marijuana Doctor recommendation to acquire a Medicinal Marijuana Card. Presently Medical Marijuana Recommendations are valid for one year. Patients are required to renew their Medical Cannabis Cards after the annual period has passed.

Cali420 invites persons in medical need of Medical Marijuana to consult with Doctoral staff in order to obtain a medical marijuana card. Appointments can be made by calling Cali420 Doctor Evaluation at (408) 916-1401. Walk-ins are also welcome and patients can visit Cali420 Doctor Evaluation at 1711 Hamilton Ave Unit 1, San Jose CA 95125. Cali420 Doctor Evaluation can also be found online at



More Medical Marijuana Doctors Press Releases

Transplant Denied: How Medical Marijuana Policy Kills Patients

Norman Smith seemed to be making progress in his liver cancer recovery at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, Calif. He had some of the best doctors in the world, he was on a transplant list and he had completed a successful clinical trial that had his doctors dubbing him a “miracle man.” Then, his cancer returned and two months before he was would have received a transplant, he was de-listed for smoking marijuana prescribed by his oncologist at Cedars-Sinai. Now, if he doesn’t receive a transplant, he will die. “It’s only my life that I’m fighting for,” says Smith. “What do I have to hide? I have nothing to hide.” Smith’s situation represents one of the first battles being fought over the place of medical marijuana in medicine and it has left him in limbo. Cedars-Sinai declined interview requests but referred Reason TV to Peggy Stewart, a clinical social worker with UCLA’s transplant program, which holds a similar position to Cedars-Sinai on medical marijuana. “Marijuana is considered substance abuse,” says Stewart. “The legality of it is really not an issue.” Stewart and Cedars-Sinai did say that transplant patients who consume marijuana put themselves at potential risk of infection from a mold found in cannabis called aspergillus. But not everyone sees the mold as a potential threat. “The truth is that Norman lives in Los Angeles and there are laboratories that he can take his medicine to and make sure that it doesn’t have contaminants,” says Stephanie Sherer of

San Francisco Medical Marijuana Doctors at Greenway See Surge in New Senior Patients

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) October 13, 2011

Over the past two years, Greenway Medical Marijuana Physicians Evaluations has served thousands of Northern California patients whose ages have averaged about 36 years. Over the past six months, however, the San Francisco medical marijuana evaluations clinic has experienced an increasing number of retirement-age patients?a trend confirmed by the AARP.

?Older patients have a statistically higher rate of surgical procedures, and they take a larger number of prescribed medications than younger patients,? said Penny deVries of Greenway. ?Many of the elderly patients we see are suffering from pain associated with age-related conditions?conditions pain management doctors typically treat with prescription opiate-based medicines, which can cause severe side effects.?

Greenway Medical Marijuana Physicians Evaluations recently consulted with an 83-year-old patient who was taking six different medications for his tremors, but suffered greatly from the discomfort of constipation and consequential hemorrhoid pain these medications caused. This patient found that cannabis helps him without causing debilitating side effects.

In another case, a 75-year-old Greenway patient, who contracted polio as a child and has undergone a dozen surgical procedures, was suffering from various opiates her doctors were prescribing for her pain?all of which produced an allergic rash on her skin. Since the skin of elderly patients is thinner and dryer, any kind of rash can be very painful, especially if it becomes itchy. She now uses medical cannabis for her pain and no longer suffers from those rashes.

Pain management is one of the most common reasons elderly patients visit Greenway. ?Arthritis pain is prevalent in elderly patients, as is joint pain in general,? said deVries. ?Pain management is of paramount importance to most of our medical cannabis patients, particularly the elderly.?

Chronic pain can stem from past athletic injuries, violent injuries, motor vehicle accidents and age-related physical deterioration. Such pain can cause sleep problems and induce high levels of anxiety in patients. Since cannabis targets pain receptors, the use of medicinal cannabis can help patients relax and enjoy a quality of life that includes healthy bodily functions and movement.

Greenway?s growing number of elderly patients report that they are gravitating toward the use of medicinal cannabis because traditional medications don?t work for them. They have faithfully taken their prescribed medications and followed their doctors? recommendations?and they still feel terrible. These patients want to feel good, and they find cannabis can help by creating a euphoric sense of wellbeing when used appropriately and in moderation.

Greenway Medical Marijuana Physician Evaluations is located in downtown San Francisco at 965 Mission Street, #212, between 5th & 6th Streets. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 11 am to 5 pm. Greenway doctors also sees patients from noon to 5 pm on Saturdays in Greenway?s other downtown clinic, located at 847 Howard Street.

Greenway guarantees 100% patient discretion and compliance with all California laws. The clinic prides itself on excellent customer service. Greenway?s doctors will happily discuss specific conditions and treatment plan options, including the various methods of medical marijuana use.

For more information, contact Greenway Medical Marijuana Physicians Evaluations at (415) 777-0157. In order to make an appointment at Greenway, please email appointment(at)greenway420(dot)com.

About Greenway Medical Marijuana Physicians Evaluations

Greenway Medical Marijuana Physicians Evaluations is a downtown San Francisco medical marijuana clinic. Greenway provides efficient, low-cost medical evaluations to the qualifying public for medicinal marijuana access. Greenway?s San Francisco medical marijuana doctors believe in providing a compassionate, non-judgmental and detailed evaluation of each patient?s medical problem, then formulate an individualized treatment plan which incorporates the different strains of cannabis, guiding the patient through the initial experience to ensure the best possible treatment plan.

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Arizona MMC Offers Discounts to Arizona Medical Marijuana Patients for Both Certifications and Custom Glass Smoking Products

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) October 18, 2011

Arizona MMC, the premier AZ medical marijuana card certification office in the state, has multiple discount specials currently running for a limited time.

The office visit for an arizona medical marijuana doctor has been discounted 25% to $ 149. This includes a full evaluation, obtaining the patient?s medical records, and completing the online application to the state with the patient. If a person needs a picture taken and documents scanned, Arizona MMC does it all included in the price, normally it is a $ 35 add on amount.

In addition to the above, Arizona MMC has negotiated a discount with Bent Glass Designs smoking products. Available online, Bent Glass makes custom hand blown glass on glass water pipes, glass bubblers, and glass hand pipes, all made with pride in the USA. A lot of the products contain dichroic glass, which makes them unique, and the glass in most of the pipes is 50mm. The discount currently is 10%, and the products are already priced very competitively. Every order receives a free custom glass hand pipe, and orders totaling over $ 100 receive free shipping.

To date, Arizona has certified over 13,000 patients since the Medical Marijuana in AZ program began in April. Qualifying conditions include Severe Nausea, Seizures, Glaucoma, Cancer, Hepatitis C, Severe and Persistant Muscle Spasms, Crohn’s Disease, Cachexia or Wasting Syndrome, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, HIV/ AIDS, Agitation of Alzheimer’s Disease, and Chronic Pain. Significant research has shown marijuana to have beneficial effects for these conditions, and improve quality of life for debilitated patients.

Patients must visit a licensed Arizona doctor to receive a Certification, which is then submitted to the Arizona Department of Health Services for approval. Over 99% of the submitted applications so far have been approved.

One of the current problems with the Medical Marijuana AZ program is that no dispensaries exist to obtain cannabis. Arizona MMC maintains a list of licensed caregivers for assistance.

Prospective patients may either call toll free (855) 294-3227 or visit to book their appointments completely online.

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More Medical Marijuana Doctors Press Releases

Organicann Donna Frank Female Beast Of Medical Marijuana Clubs Refuses Patients 1

You know if you want to know the real about a club just ask and I’ll tell you all about it. And Organicann Ran By Donna Frank has to be the most Gangster all locations in Northern California
Video Rating: 0 / 5

Steph Sherer, Executive Director of ASA (Americans for Safe Access) addresses the audience attending the California Unity Conference! It was a great conference with amazing activists learning more about lobbying politicians and standing up for AB2312. Let’s rock it! Spread the word on all of your social networks! Cheryl Shuman :) About Cheryl Shuman: Referred to as the “Martha Stewart of Marijuana,” Cheryl Shuman announces the formation of Green Asset International Inc.. Shuman brings 25 years of experience working with media, celebrities, marketing and health care in Beverly Hills. Shuman found her passion in the cannabis movement since 1996 working as an activist and legal cannabis patient. Since using cannabis therapy, she has survived cancer and injuries from two car crashes. Shuman was the founder of Beverly Hills NORML, founding charter member of the NORML Women’s Alliance and served on the steering committee for Public Relations and Marketing on an International platform. Cheryl Shuman is a founding member of the NCIA, National Cannabis Industry Association and served as the Director of Special Projects for the NCIA including the Women’s Cannabusiness Network. Cheryl Shuman transformed her non-profit career into a thriving profitable media enterprise. Cheryl was the Executive Director of Celebrity, Media and Public Relations for the KUSH Brand which includes KUSH Magazine, KUSH Conventions and Cheryl Shuman has been interviewed for television

What is the Difference Between Indica and Sativa? MedMar of San Jose Offers Medical Marijuana Patients Free Consultations

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) September 02, 2011

One of the problems plaguing the San Jose medical cannabis community is a lack of knowledge about the differences between indica and sativa strains and their medicinal effects, according to MedMar Healing Center. The premier San Jose medical marijuana dispensary has taken the lead in patient education in the South Bay to ensure patients are obtaining the right medicine for their individual problem.

?Our patients? health is our first priority?and that comes with education,? said MedMar representative Doug Chloupek. ?Only by ensuring we understand our patient?s needs?and they understand the differences in the effects of our medications?are we able to treat our patients? specific medical problems effectively.?

Instead of just handing out buds, the San Jose cannabis club?s highly trained budtenders initiate a conversation with the patient about the particular medical condition they are treating.

According to Jade Kine, renowned cannabis educator and writer for Kush Magazine and the lead instructor of CannAcademy, almost everything on the market today is a hybrid of indica and sativa. Sativa, says Kine, has a heady affect, while indica relaxes the body.

?Indica is useful for treating chronic pain, nausea and insomnia, while sativa is useful during the daytime,? said Kine. ?Sativa?s effects can be compared to that of coffee: it sharpens the mind and gives the patient energy. It is often used to treat attention deficit disorder (ADD).?

MedMar is at the forefront of education in the San Jose medical marijuana community. The San Jose cannabis collective hosts the CannAcademy, a revolutionary learning facility that instructs and certifies cannabis growers in the fine art of cannabis production. MedMar believes that sharing knowledge helps medical marijuana patients lead healthier, happier lives.

?Unfortunately, the rise in medical marijuana usage across the country has not been met with a corresponding rise in education concerning the most effective ways to medicate using cannabis,? said Kine. ?MedMar is really great at teaching people about the medications they are getting and how they will affect them.?

For more information about the differences between sativa and indica or to learn more about any of MedMar Healing Center?s products and services, call (408) 426-4400 or visit the San Jose dispensary online at MedMar is located at 170 South Autumn Street, San Jose, CA 95110.

About MedMar Healing Center

MedMar Healing Center is a San Jose medical marijuana dispensary, acting as an easily accessible resource for Bay Area medical marijuana patients. They are a community-based San Jose medical cannabis club centrally located in downtown San Jose, only blocks from the San Jose Sharks home, HP Pavilion. They are close to major freeways and thoroughfares, and are located near all the major public transit options, including Diridon Station.

MedMar provides residents of San Jose with medical marijuana in many forms, including flowers, hash, edibles, and concentrates. MedMar Healing Center tests each of their strains of medicine for a Cannabinoid profile, which helps their knowledgeable staff recommend the best medicine for the diverse ailments of each client.

About Jade Kine

Each step of the way in medical marijuana legalization, Jade Kine has been on the forefront of the search for the secrets of reliable marijuana cultivation. Jade Kine constantly innovates with grow house creations such as his display garden and modified easy-cloner. Throughout his experience in the industry, Jade has never been shy to go against conventional wisdom, choosing instead to experiment, because proper marijuana growing techniques are still in their infancy and changing daily.

His first professional position in the medical cannabis industry was as Greenhouse Manager. Throughout his time, he oversaw the propagation of more than a million plants from 3 indoor greenhouses, managing 35 employees and 300 lights (1000w) worth of production. This is still the largest single dispensary operation in the history of the medical marijuana community boasting a weekly payroll totaling $ 170,000 a week.

After Jade left in 2004, he went to work at a nutrient distribution company, which was the first nutrient company to market directly towards marijuana growers. While there, he oversaw both the marketing and technical support divisions as well as managing east coast sales, giving him an unparalleled view of the trials and tribulations of the average marijuana grower looking for a reliable nutrient company in the United States.

Wanting a return to Cannabis specific cultivation instruction, Jade spent his time developing a 21 course cultivation curriculum to dispel all of the disinformation currently existing in the marijuana growing industry. This was the 1st trade school dedicated entirely to medical marijuana cultivation, in contrast to other facilities such as Oaksterdam which offer only a few classes on growing and instead focus on the legal, political and business side of medical marijuana. CannAcademy stays strict to the model of a trade school offering only instruction on the skilled trade of marijuana cultivation.


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