Pennsylavania Cities Continue to Embrace Decriminalization of Marijuana


With the recent passage of a marijuana decriminalization ordinance, the City of York joins Philadelphia, State College, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg in no longer criminalizing the simple possession of small amounts of marijuana. Following several meetings to discuss the proposal, members of city council heard from Chris Goldstein, former executive director of Philadelphia NORML and Les Stark, executive director of the Keystone Cannabis Coalition. Both spoke in support of the proposal and even provided encouraging data showing a decline in marijuana arrests in other municipalities that adopted similar measures.

“Towns across Pennsylvania are moving away from handcuffs and towards issuing fines instead, that’s good news in a state where we have more than 18,000 consumers arrested every year,” said Chris Goldstein.

Similar to other decriminalization measures that have been adopted by municipalities in the Commonwealth, the ordinance approved by the York City Council replaces criminal prosecution and potential jail time with a simple fine or community service for those possessing less than 30 grams of marijuana. The ordinance also decriminalized the public consumption of marijuana.


While local governments across Pennsylvania continue to adopt measures to reduce the penalty for personal possession of marijuana from jail time to a simple fine, state lawmakers have been more apprehensive on the issue. But advocates are hopeful things will change as the conversation advances on the local level. “This really puts the pressure on legislators in Harrisburg to vote on statewide bills and start having the bigger conversation about full legalization,” added Goldstein.

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For future updates on marijuana law reform efforts in Pennsylvania, follow Philly NORML by visiting their website and Facebook page!

Colorado: Tax Revenue From The Legal Cannabis Industry Surpasses Half-Billion Dollars

Marijuana ScienceRevenues from Colorado’s legal cannabis industry have surpassed over a half-billion dollars since retail sales began on January 1, 2014.

According to an analysis by VS Strategies, cannabis-related taxes and fees have yielded $506,143,635 in new state revenue over the past three and one-half years. (Local tax revenue was excluded from the analysis.) Much of the revenue raised has gone to fund school construction projects, school-drop out and substance abuse prevention programs, and grant funding.

The half-billion dollar total far exceeds initial projections. Tax revenue from legal cannabis sales in Oregon and Washington have also exceeded regulators’ initial expectations. In Nevada, where retail sales to adult became legal on July 1, retailers reported over 40,000 transactions in just the first weekend.

Humboldt County Cup Forced to Move by Police

HumboldtFor marijuana activists in states with legal marijuana, the strategy quickly moves from legalization to normalization, but for some communities like Ferndale, California, the stigma remains. For months, organizers of the Humboldt County Cup and the Ferndale Police Department have gone back and forth over the decision to host their event at the Humboldt County Fairgrounds. Citing past complaints from the community and concerns about the reggae music that was to be played during the event, local law enforcement never specified what laws, if any, would be violated.

“Smith-Caggiano — who is the executive director of the Humboldt County chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws — said the Ferndale Police Department never cited any legal codes to back up their concerns despite requests for them to do so.”

Regardless of receiving approval from the Humboldt County Fair Association, Mr. Smith-Caggiano was ultimately forced by the Ferndale Police Department to move the event location to the Mateel Community Center, located at 59 Rusk Lane, Redway, California 95560.

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California: Victims of Inconsistent Marijuana Laws

fifty_dollar_fineNow that 29 states have legalized medical marijuana, eight have legalized adult-use, and several others are considering legislation to legalize either adult-use or medical marijuana during the 2017 legislative session, it’s obvious that the end of marijuana prohibition is near. But that doesn’t mean the ongoing conflict between local, state and federal laws has become any less confusing.

Unfortunately for Ted Hicks and Ryan Mears, two marijuana farmers from Sacramento, California, this confusion lead to a military style raid and both men being charged with illegally cultivating marijuana, a misdemeanor, and conspiracy for planning “to commit sales of marijuana,” a felony.

“I told my 2-year-old son to stay upstairs,” said Mears, 35. “When I opened the security door, there were 15 cops with assault rifles drawn, pointed, with their fingers on the trigger, in vests, ski masks. They grabbed me and pulled me out front, put me in handcuffs. There were 20 to 30 officers. My son walked downstairs and my wife had to grab him. They had guns pulled on them. It was real painful.”

Regardless of spending several months working with local regulators to establish what they thought was the legal framework for their business, Big Red Farms, and being considered “shinning stars” for their diligence related to local licensing, Hicks and Mears found themselves at the business end of automatic weapons. A clear sign that they had become victims of the patchwork of marijuana laws adopted by local and state officials across California prior to the passage of Proposition 64.

If found guilty, both men could face up to one year in jail, and pay thousands of dollars in fines and court costs.

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Visiting The Local MMJ Club – Marijuana Dispensary in California 2011

went by my new favorite local club … they always got the best i can find after going to like literally 20 clubs in my area.. they got best.., and they cap topshelf 1/8th’s @ 40bux.. anyways,.. i said what i have to say. peace friends prop215patients

Election Night Bites Some Food For The Races KPSP Local 2 News

Election Night Bites Some Food For The Races KPSP Local 2

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses Top 5 Local Criminal Law Stories of 2011

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 21, 2011

With New Year?s Day quickly approaching, Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, Jerod Gunsberg, looks at the top five local stories of 2011 and suggests how each had an impact on the citizenry of Southern California.

1. Conrad Murray Trial per “Los Angeles Times”: Dr. Conrad Murray?s conviction of involuntary manslaughter for his role in the death of Michael Jackson was the celebrity criminal trial story of the year.

?A lot of credit to the defense attorneys in this case for doing a noble job in the face of overwhelmingly unfavorable evidence against their client,? Jerod Gunsberg comments.

“This case is notable not only because of the celebrity-factor, but it is a definite warning to doctors or anyone entrusted to caring for patients that medicine is not a business in which the customer gets whatever he wants.”

2. No More Red Light Cameras: 2011 is the year in which Los Angeles?s red-light cameras were put out of commission as reported in the “Los Angeles Times.” For years, these cameras have infuriated drivers who argued the light was yellow when they went through it, only to find (weeks later) a letter in the mail showing a photograph of them running a red light and a demand for payment. After it came to light that these cameras were 1) not making driving any safer, 2) not cost effective, and 3) that payments of the fines were likely not enforceable by the court, the City decided to terminate the program.

?The scrapping of these red light cameras is long overdue, they served no purpose to anyone except as a revenue generator for the city,? says Gunsberg.

3. Sentencing Realignment ? State Prisoners to Serve Time in County Jail: In an effort to bring California?s overcrowded state prisons in line with federal law, the California legislature enacted a ?realignment plan? as reported in “The Huffington Post.” Under this plan, anyone convicted of a non-violent offense will be sentenced to serve their time in county jail rather than state prison. In Los Angeles County, there is concern that the already cover-crowded county jail system will become even more overcrowded, forcing the early release of thousands of inmates.

Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles, Gunsberg, adds, ?This new law has only been in effect since October 1, so it remains to be seen whether this law will motivate Los Angeles County to seriously look at alternatives to incarceration for non-violent and drug offenders, or whether the new law will be used as a pretext to build new jail facilities in the county. Either way, this fundamentally changes the way both prosecutors and the defense bar approach sentencing issues.?

4. Federal Crackdown on Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Dispensaries: as seen on NBC Southern California, in a seeming reversal of its hands-off approach, the U.S. Department of Justice began a crackdown on Los Angeles? medical marijuana dispensaries. Although illegal under federal law, qualified patients are permitted to use medical marijuana in accordance with California state law. At one point, the Obama administration had made an informal promise not to target legitimate medical marijuana dispensaries in California; however, that policy changed this year. Medical marijuana dispensary operators and landlords who had dispensaries as tenants were either raided by the DEA or received notices to cease operations under the threat of federal changes.

5. Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay: Lindsay Lohan makes the list for the second year in a row. After her theft case, her Los Angeles probation violation, her brief stays in jail, her bungled efforts at complying with the terms of her probation, it seems that Lindsay is ending the year on the upswing and finally in compliance with her probation.

Gunsberg again, ?There is a misconception that she was treated differently than everyone else. That?s not true. Lindsay received the same treatment, the same sentence, the same punishment and the same early-release from jail that anyone in her position would have received. What was truly interesting about the Lindsay Lohan saga is that it allowed the public to see exactly how the probation and county jail system works.?

Criminal defense attorney, Los Angeles, Jerod Gunsberg, invites you to visit his website for more information at or contact his office at 323-633-3423, Law Offices of Jerod Gunsberg ? Los Angeles, 333 S. Grand Avenue, 25th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90071.

About Jerod Gunsberg:

Jerod Gunsberg is admitted to practice in all California State Courts and the United States District Court for the Central District of California. Mr. Gunsberg regularly handles misdemeanors as well as felony cases. He is a member of numerous professional organizations including National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, Los Angeles Criminal Courts Bar Association.


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California Senate Race KPSP Local 2 News

California Senate Race KPSP Local 2 News
Video Rating: 0 / 5 Deploys Advanced Technology That Instantly Connects Medical Marijuana Patients with Local Dispensaries and Resources

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) December 24, 2011

Technology is finding a welcome home in the medical cannabis industry?a rapidly growing market segment that has motivated entrepreneurs to create new products and services as dispensaries pop up at an astounding pace. Creating local awareness of new businesses and ensuring medical marijuana patients (the end user, so to speak) know where to find them has been a challenge until now. Using advanced geotargeting technology,, the revolutionary online medical marijuana resource, is able to show patients the medical marijuana dispensaries and resources in their local area when they enter the site. technology works at both fixed locations and on mobile devices. When a patient activates their device, such as a computer or smart phone, the service provider identifies the user?s location via IP address and/or GPS tracking. then finds the resources in the vicinity of the user and plots the locations on a map.

To increase their visibility, businesses can enhance their listing for a small monthly fee. Paid customers can also post coupons and special promotions (deals) on Deals page using a back-end tool. The self-serve feature allows businesses to post their own deals at any time, so they can post ?daily deals? or instant campaigns.

?If sales are down one day, a dispensary can post a coupon or special offer instantly in the desired location or geography to get people in the door,? said John, Owner. ?The advertiser also defines the geography where the deal appears, so patients don?t have to sift through ads outside of their geographic location when looking for a bargain.?

Patients can also type in the name of a city in the search tool to learn about special offers in other areas. ?If you are heading to Santa Barbara for the weekend and would like to check out the local strains or take advantage of a 2-for-1 deal offered in the area, will show you what?s available so you can plan ahead,? said John. was designed to be convenient and to appeal to everyone?including those who are new to the world of medical cannabis. While most of today?s online medical marijuana directories are designed for patients who already know at least something about using medical marijuana, is designed to be user-friendly for patients of all ages and experience levels. is more than just another online medical marijuana directory. The site?s News, Resource, and Blog pages provide valuable information and advice for patients and caregivers. The information posted helps new patients learn about the ins and outs of the world of medical marijuana, and existing patients stay abreast of developments.

For more information about Doobons.Com, call (415) 524-8099 or go to Doobons.Com online. The best way to stay informed about developments about is to like them on Facebook at and follow them on Twitter at!/search/realtime/

About Doobons.Com

Doobons.Com is an online medical marijuana resource for prospective and current medical cannabis patients, caregivers and industry professionals. The medical cannabis resource site is designed be a comprehensive source of information for everyone from novice medical cannabis users to experienced industry professionals. Doobons.Com is discreet, safe and professional.


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Jim Carstensen, a Local Vail Musician, Releases his Sixth Album at the Alpine Tavern December 10th

Vail, CO (PRWEB) December 02, 2011

The Alpine Tavern has announced a CD release party for Jim Carstensen on Saturday, December 10th from 6 to 8:30pm in the Old Muddy Bar in Vail,CO.

Jim came from Wisconsin in 1981 and has been a Vail bus driver for 27 years. This is the musician?s sixth album and is titled “Medical Marijuana & Other Love Songs”. The new C.D. features bass, electric guitar, drums, keyboard, and some nifty vocals and has a blues folk rock feel. Jim plays at The Alpine Tavern check out Sneak Peak for their music lineup.

Jim will play alongside his longtime friend, fellow musician and member of the Blue Grass Patriots for the last 31 years, Willie McDonald from Fort Collins. As well as Bob Schwartz and Mark Bews from Milwaukee, and Susan Dailey from Ft. Collins. Also on the playlist for December 10th are songs from his album ?Here in Paradise?.

Both CD?s can be listened to or purchased on cdbaby and itunes. For cdbaby: type cdbaby explore, click onexplore, type in artist and title, click search. Jim will send you either disc for $ 14.00 which includes S/H(domestic). Additional CD?s are $ 10.00 with no extra charge. Specify the title(s), include your name and address, and send check or money order to:

Jim Carstensen

P.O. Box 2484

Vail, CO 81658

Jim plays regularly at The Alpine Tavern check out Sneak Peak for their music lineup.

The Alpine Tavern and the Vail Racquet Club are East Vail?s only resort and are located at 4695 Racquet Club Drive in East Vail. Just 4 miles away from Vail Village.

Jim Carstensen is available for interviews. Please contact Scott Kneeland at 970-306-2285 to set up a time that is convenient.


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