A Vision for a New NORML

A Message from the Chair of NORML’s Board of Directors, Norm Kent:

NORML is the pioneer, the grand patron and founder of the marijuana policy reform movement in America. We are still here and by your side, and we are needed now, more than ever.

Some have said that as our nation moves towards medicalization, decriminalization, or legalization, our tasks will be diminished, our duties lessened, our essence threatened.

The truth is that it is just the opposite.

Now, with cannabis reforms about to blossom in city after city, from small communities to large counties, our nation needs a respected consumer advocacy group more than ever.

Our nation needs a lobby such as the new NORML, firmly planted, and nationally respected, which will protect the rights of cannabis consumers, as no one else has in the past or can in the future.

Our nation needs a new NORML, which ensures that the distribution of cannabis to anyone is universally safe, readily accessible and fairly affordable to everyone.

Our nation needs a new NORML that ensures that the laws which legislatures pass favor freedom and fairness, not moneymakers or mercenaries.

Our nation needs a new NORML that ensures patients have access to safe medicine, consumers acquire healthy products, and distribution mechanisms protect gender, age, and race, available not just to corporate conglomerates but individual entrepreneurs.

The new NORML today contains a NORML Women’s Alliance representing the power of feminism and professionalism, bringing passion and gender diversity to the cause of personal freedom and individual choice.

The new NORML brings vast youth advocacy to the table, with hundreds of chapters in 50 states, young men and women fighting with their heart and soul to ensure scholarships are not revoked, driving privileges are not taken away, and jobs are not lost because they make legal decisions to use cannabis responsibly.

The new NORML will bring activists and academicians, economists and entrepreneurs, to political forums, explaining how justly taxing cannabis legally today can stop the bleeding of state, city and village budgets tomorrow.

The new NORML will still need and provide the national canvas with a network of criminal defense attorneys to represent clients who are wrongly arrested and unjustly prosecuted, from patients with medical conditions to adult drivers illegally stopped.

The new NORML needs to remind Americans that decriminalization in 18 states means we still have a ways to go in 32 others, where nearly a million Americans a year still go to jail for consuming cannabis.

Thus, the new NORML needs to remind everyone that apathy and inertia has no room for intrusion; that our advocacy must still be engaged, that our voices still be heard.

The new NORML thus needs to blend innovative social media tools to drive activists with initiatives from coast to coast and in community after community. With hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook, and millions of cannabis consumers living and supporting our cause all across America, our word must be spread on the web and throughout the country. We must remind Americans everywhere that it is unjust and unfair for adults consuming cannabis privately and personally to get arrested anywhere, anytime, or in any place.

The new NORML needs to be advocates not just for patients who want access to safe medicine and fair distribution systems, but adults who demand the right to responsible use along with just access for righteous, recreational use, needing no apologies for exercising their individual sovereignty openly and freely.

The new NORML also needs to be advocates who rectify the injustices of past decades, for individuals whose futures were destroyed by a drug war that failed to do anything but ruin good lives with bad laws.

The new NORML needs to marshal public policy so that the laws are changed everywhere not in the next few decades, but in the next few years. To achieve national reform, we need to harness the energy and network of drug policy reform organizations throughout this country. We need to speak with a common voice and universal message.

The message to be shared and the story to be told is not just that prohibition was wrong all along, or that the drug war has been a financial and moral failure. That is a past we have learned all too well.

The message for the new NORML is to state that Americans citizens have always come to support equal civil liberties for all, from women to African Americans, to our friends in the gay and lesbian community. After decades of pain, that morning has come for cannabis consumers. The new NORML will celebrate the future, not condemn the past.

For 40 years, NORML has been on the side of those who embraced individual choice and the responsible use of cannabis, as an extension of personal freedom.

Now, more than ever, the new NORML will remain by your side in order to ensure that as cannabis is distributed and disseminated to consumers from state to state, or coast to coast, it becomes readily accessible, equitably affordable and universally safe.

Thank you,
Norm Kent
Chair, NORML Board of Directors

Please consider making a donation to NORML today to help support our ongoing efforts to legalize the responsible adult use of marijuana by clicking here.

Medical Marijuana Super Store Opens in East Oakland

Oakland, CA (PRWEB) January 26, 2010

Growing Business in East Oakland, 70 Hegenberger Loop Oakland, CA, 94621

On Thursday January 28th at 5:00PM, iGrow, the Bay Area?s largest full service hydroponic superstore, will celebrate its? grand opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony by Oakland City Councilmembers Larry Reid and Rebecca Kaplan. This 15,000 square foot facility by the Oakland Airport offers turnkey services to assist medical marijuana patients in creating their own cannabis gardens.

iGrow is a one-stop shop where medical marijuana patients can get their cannabis cards, buy their grow equipment, and even hire on-site technicians to build out their grow rooms. iGrow offers all the services required for medical marijuana patients to set up their own gardens. The on-site medical doctor offers cannabis card recommendations, which is the first step in California for a patient to legally cultivate cannabis. The retail area of iGrow not only offers the largest selection of hydroponic equipment but also features Ikea-style grow room demonstrations with live plants, allowing new cultivators to visualize everything required for a new setup. And lastly iGrow?s very own ?Grow Squad? offers free cultivation advice and in-home technician services for customers interested in avoiding legal and safety hazards with a professional build out.

Oakland entrepreneur and founder, Dhar Mann, 25, says, ?We?re excited that iGrow was born in the epicenter of the cannabis movement. And we?re even more thrilled to see the strong support that the City of Oakland and the community has shown us for the grand opening of our new business.?

To schedule interviews, please contact:

Justin Jorgensen

70 Hegenberger Loop

Oakland, CA, 94621



MarijuanaDoctors.com Announces Weed Team Contest Winner, Adds Additional Trip to the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam

Los Angeles, CA (Vocus) April 29, 2010

MarijuanaDoctors.com, the first online service connecting patients with real medical marijuana doctors, today announced the Grand Prize Winner of its Digital Weed Team Contest. Natasha deBeauviser Watson of California has won a trip for two to the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam?and now another lucky Weed Team member and guest will be joining her. The Weed Team has received so much support since its launch earlier this month that MarijuanaDoctors.com has extended the contest through August and added a second Grand Prize Trip to Amsterdam and Second Prize of a Volcano Vaporizer.

Watson, a cosmetology student who works for her family?s business and is an avid supporter of medical marijuana, spent up to 7 hours a day promoting MarijuanaDoctors.com on social networking sites, forums and blogs. She says she is proud to continue supporting the company even though she has already won the grand prize.

?I?m definitely going to continue promoting MarijaunaDoctors.com because they really seem like they are interested in the people. They?re legitimate,? she said. Watson is just one of over 100 medical marijuana advocates from across the country that has joined the grassroots effort to spread the word about MarijuanaDoctors.com and the need for safe access to medical marijuana in America.

“We?ve received unbelievable support from our street team, which has driven thousands of new patients to MarijuanaDoctors.com,? said Jason Drazin, CEO of MarijuanaDoctors.com. “This contest provided a unique way for our Weed Team members to help other patients gain legal access to the medicine they need. And as a way to say thank you to everyone who has participated, we?re sending another grand prize winner to the Cannabis Cup, giving out another Volcano Vaporizer and featuring mini-drawings with great prizes throughout the contest.”

MarijaunaDoctors.com will tally the total points earned by each Weed Team member from now until the grand drawing, which will take place on August 20, 2010. Members can keep track of their progress with daily leader board updates on the Weed Team page, which will also feature mini-prizes throughout the contest.

Weed Team members earn points by completing activities like posting MarijuanaDoctors.com videos and banners on Facebook, MySpace and YouTube, re-tweeting MarijuanaDoctors.com?s Twitter posts, and getting the word out about MarijuanaDoctors.com on message boards, forums, and chat rooms. All contest participants must be 18 years of age to participate and rules can be found on the Weed Team page at Fanmanager.net/marijuanadoctors.

The Weed Team page offers all the tools needed for members to get started, including embedded links for videos, code for MarijuanaDoctors.com banners, and detailed directions on how to take screen shots. Join the Weed Team today at Fanmanager.net/marijuanadoctors.

About MarijuanaDoctors.com

MarijuanaDoctors.com was founded to act as the trusted gateway for patients searching for medical marijuana treatment in all legal medical marijuana states. At MarijuanaDoctors.com, patients can browse, rate and review medical marijuana doctors, learn how to obtain a medical marijuana card in their state, and read up on all the latest medical marijuana information and research.

Visit MarijuanaDoctors.com or call 1-866-996-9333 to learn more.


MarijuanaDoctors.com Announces New Bonuses and 300 Prizes for the Final Month of its Digital Weed Team Contest

Los Angeles, CA (Vocus) October 12, 2010

With just four weeks left in MarijuanaDoctors.com?s Digital Weed Team contest, the nation?s number one medical marijuana evaluations site announces its Cannabis Land Scavenger Hunt for Weed Team members to earn big bonuses, more prizes and exclusive discounts. By completing all tasks on the scavenger hunt list, Team members will be entered in a drawing to win a VHW 007 Kit (VripTech?s top-of-the-line vaporizer system, valued at $ 500) and earn triple points?which means anyone can win the Grand Prize Trip to the 2010 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, plus more than 300 other prizes up for grabs.

MarijuanaDoctors.com?s Digital Weed Team lets people who are passionate about medical cannabis help patients in need get medical marijuana legally in each state, while having fun and earning great prizes. On November 5, the Weed Team member with the most points will win the Grand Prize Trip to the Cannabis Cup, the second runner up will win another VHW 007 Vaporizer Kit, and hundreds of others will win MarijuanaDoctors.com smoker starter kits and more. Weed Team members earn points by getting the word out online about medical marijuana and MarijuanaDoctors.com. And now with the chance to earn triple points through the Cannabis Land Scavenger Hunt, members can soar to the top of the leader board.

?The Cannabis Land Scavenger Hunt is our way of rewarding Weed Team members?new and old?for making this contest such a huge success,? said Jason Draizin, CEO of MarijuanaDoctors.com. ?We?ve already given away one grand prize trip to Amsterdam to Natasha deBeauviser Watson of California. Now with triple points on the line through the scavenger hunt, anyone can win our second Grand Prize Cannabis Cup trip for two, plus hundreds of other great prizes.?

MarijuanaDoctors.com is also rewarding its Weed Team Members by extending huge discounts on travel packages through CS Travel, the exclusive travel partner for the 2010 High Times Cannabis Cup. Weed Team members who book a Cannabis Cup Travel Package before November 5th via CS Travel?s toll free number (1-800-816-1846) and mention MarijuanaDoctors.com will get $ 200 off per person.

To join the Digital Weed Team and win great prizes, visit http://www.fanmanager.net/marijuanadoctors

About MarijuanaDoctors.com

MarijuanaDoctors.com was founded to act as the trusted gateway for patients searching for medical marijuana treatment in all legal medical marijuana states. MarijuanaDoctors.com provides detailed physician profile and schedule information?giving patients full visibility into the process of obtaining medical marijuana. Patients can browse, rate and review medical marijuana doctors, learn how to obtain a medical marijuana card in their state, and read up on all the latest medical marijuana information and research.

Visit MarijuanaDoctors.com or call 1-866-996-9333 to learn more.


More Medical Marijuana Doctors Press Releases

weGrow to Open Marijuana Superstore in Phoenix

(PRWEB) May 04, 2011

New signage on an old Phoenix warehouse is one of the first visible indicators of the billion-dollar medical marijuana industry?s arrival in the Valley of the Sun. weGrow, the marijuana superstore franchise that sells products and services to help patients grow marijuana for medical purposes, is set to open its 21,000 square-foot store in Phoenix on June 1.

Known as the, ?Walmart of weed,? weGrow?s new store will be the largest hydroponics store in Phoenix to date.

Located at 2937 W. Thomas Road, weGrow does not sell any marijuana itself, just everything cultivators need to grow it. In addition to the largest selection of hydroponic supplies, weGrow features live indoor grow demonstrations with real plants, expert technicians to help customers build professional grow rooms, an on-site medical doctor for patient evaluations and classes on how to safely and responsibly cultivate medical marijuana.

June 1 also marks the date that the Arizona Department of Health Services will accept applications for initial dispensary registration certificates. The billion-dollar industry is expected to see around 100,000 potential patients in Arizona and is approved for 124 dispensaries.

?Many of the 124 dispensary permit winners will have never grown medical marijuana before- where are they supposed to go to learn about safe and responsible marijuana cultivation?” said Dhar Mann, weGrow founder. ?The weGrow Phoenix store will be a full-service resource for patients and growers that offers much more than just hydroponics equipment.”

In anticipation of upcoming Arizona dispensaries, last week weGrow issued an RFP for cannabis testing companies interested in opening an on-site laboratory to examine medical marijuana before patient consumption.

The franchise is growing fast as more states legalize cannabis for medicinal use. weGrow currently operates stores in California and has immediate plans to open in Colorado, Oregon, New Jersey and Washington D.C. following the Phoenix opening.

weGrow will hold a press conference featuring industry experts followed by a public grand opening event called ?weGrow Phoenix: The Green Rush? on June 1 at the new store. The event is expected to draw a massive crowd and will feature live entertainment, industry suppliers and support businesses, grow demonstrations and much more.

For more information about weGrow and the grand opening festival, please visit http://www.wegrowstore.com.


More Medical Marijuana Doctors Press Releases

Marijuana Hydroponics Superstore, weGrow, Opens First Franchise in Arizona on June 1

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) May 31, 2011

On the day that should commemorate the opening of the Arizona Department of Health Services? acceptance of medical marijuana dispensary permits, a new marijuana superstore will open to teach the 100,000 patients who may now need to grow cannabis themselves. weGrow, the nation?s only hydroponics franchise that openly talks about medical marijuana, will open a 21,000 square-foot store in Phoenix tomorrow.

“We’re not talking tomatoes,” said Arizona’s first weGrow Franchisee Sunny Singh.

weGrow, located at 2937 W. Thomas Road in Phoenix, will celebrate the opening of its first Arizona superstore on Wednesday, June 1 with an industry panel and press conference at 4:30 pm and a public festival at 5:30 pm. The festival will feature on-site patient evaluations, demonstrations of the latest marijuana products and technology, live entertainment and more.

The grand opening festival, called ?The Green Rush,? will showcase weGrow?s third U.S. location as well as the mass public support for the new billion-dollar industry coming to Arizona. Now that the opening of medical marijuana dispensaries may be put on hold due to Gov. Jan Brewer?s recent lawsuit, patients need information about safe grow practices more than ever.

“Suspending the state’s medical marijuana program will transition Arizona from a state-licensed cannabis distribution model to a patient-cultivator distribution model like California,” said Dhar Mann, founder of weGrow. “Now in order to get their cannabis, patients will have to grow it themselves, and most of them will have no idea how to do that. weGrow was created to assist exactly this type of customer.?

The growing chain does not actually sell any marijuana itself, just everything one would need to grow it.

weGrow not only features the largest selection of hydroponic supplies, but also offers a variety of services aimed at educating medical marijuana cultivators, including live grow demonstrations with real plants, an on-site doctor for medical cannabis evaluations, expert technicians to teach safe and responsible grow practices, and even an on-site laboratory to test cannabis before patient consumption.

For more information about the grand opening festival or the press conference, please visit http://www.wegrowstore.com or call 480.250.4315.

About weGrow

weGrow is the first honest hydroponics store, geared towards selling the materials necessary to grow marijuana for those with medical marijuana needs. From the largest showroom of hydroponic equipment, to grow training services; weGrow is a one-stop-shop for cultivators. weGrow has several locations nationwide and has plans for continued growth. For more information, please visit http://www.wegrowstore.com.


More Medical Marijuana Doctors Press Releases


Libertarians believe that it is not the role of the government to regulate personal choice. WWW.MPP.ORG About the Marijuana Policy Project Someone is arrested for a marijuana offense every 36 seconds. 89% of these are for marijuana possession — not for sale or manufacture. In the US, there are more arrests for marijuana possession each year than for all violent crimes combined. Marijuana prohibition has failed. It’s time for a new approach, and MPP is leading the way. Since our founding in 1995, we’ve been making real progress in reforming US marijuana laws, by: … lobbying for legislation and running ballot initiative campaigns to allow seriously ill patients to use medical marijuana with their doctors recommendations … lobbying for legislation and sponsoring ballot initiatives to replace marijuana prohibition with a sensible system of regulation … garnering widespread media coverage of the need to change marijuana policies … lobbying Congress to reduce the White House drug czars budget for his deceptive ad campaigns … building coalitions of supportive individuals and organizations to advocate on behalf of marijuana policy reform … and much more.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Transcription to follow: There are a group of researchers around the world, that are very interested in the endocannabinoid system, interested in how that works, how it functions. Elger is one of those people. He and another PHD named Nichol wrote an article that appeared in Scientific America which I believe is entitled The Brains on Marijuana. We have discovered, we meaning scientists not me, at least two endocannabinoids, two different 21 carbon molecules that have receptor sites that can be stimulated by Cannabis. And Cannabis of course, has 66, at least 66 cannabinoids and those are 21 carbon molecules that may have different side chain and every time you have a different side chain you have a different substance. The endocannabinoid system was first characterized by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam who is an Israeli scientist. He isolated THC in 1964. He really is the grand ole man in terms of both research and clinical application of tincture of cannabis. In Israel they use Cannabis for treating PTSD, and has been used elsewhere, in Croatia its used to treat PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). He also developed a synthetic molecule, Dextro Cannabinal, which he tested to see if it had neuron sparing effects. There has been a lot of anecdotal evidence that Cannabis is useful in retarding the progress of Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease. What Mechoulam was looking at was whether or not this Dextro Cannabinol would diminish brain damage from strokes or traumatic
Video Rating: 5 / 5

This Week in Weed: August 19th – 25th

This Week in Weed

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The latest installment of “This Week in Weed” is now streaming on NORMLtv.

This week: Colorado’s Amendment 64 would bring in big revenue for the state, Grand Rapids will be voting on marijuana decriminalization, and Arkansas’ medical marijuana initiative qualifies for the ballot.

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Idaho authorities bust a dozen head shops

While neighboring states Washington and likely Oregon will be deciding whether marijuana should be legal for all adults, my birth state of Idaho is still trying to put people in cages for selling pieces of glass.

District of Idaho U.S. Attorney Wendy Olson said she was not sure how much Spice was seized from shops that sell tobacco and smoking paraphernalia in Boise, Kuna, and Nampa Thursday but did say additional state or federal drug charges are possible against the 16 people indicted on paraphernalia charges.

Olson said the Boise-area “headshops” were selling drug paraphernalia to drug users and traffickers under the guise of tobacco products, which allowed a federal grand jury to return the felony charges of conspiracy to sell, offer for sale and transport drug paraphernalia; offering drug paraphernalia for sale; and sale of drug paraphernalia. Those crime are punishable by up to three years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Olson said at least nine of the 13 shops were openly selling Spice, and several of those stores sold the synthetic marijuana to undercover officers.

Idaho has some of the toughest statutes in the nation regarding paraphernalia and simple pot smoking.  Merely being in a place where people smoke pot is a misdemeanor worth 3 months in jail.  If you are found to be stoned in public, you can get 6 months in jail.  Being caught with a pot pipe (with no pot) can get you a year in prison.  If you’re caught with some pot, there’s another year in prison.  If you do any of this around a child, the crimes rise to a felony with 5 years in prison.  Selling pipes, bongs, grinders, and kief boxes in Idaho is a felony worthy of nine years in prison and a $30,000 fine.

But what happens if you don’t smoke pot and instead impregnate your underage girlfriend and then abuse your infant so severely it dies at the age of three months from blunt force trauma?

RUPERT • The father of an infant who died in 2008 from multiple injuries was sentenced Monday to serve 3 1/2 years in prison for felony injury to a child.

Three-month-old Nivea Lopez died Dec. 19, 2008, in a Pocatello hospital after receiving injuries that included skull fractures and healed rib fractures.

Monday’s sentence will run concurrent with a two- to 10-year prison term Lopez received for violating his probation on a rape conviction, stemming from the statutory nature of his relationship with Martinez.

Got that?  Beat your baby to death = 3.5 years.  Smoke pot around your baby = 5 years.  Sell someone a bong = 9 years.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom… but I hope you understand why I don’t visit often.

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