DARE to Legalize!

Many of us have childhood memories involving a police officer trying to terrify us with outright lies and exaggerations about marijuana. Now you can show them their attempts to indoctrinate you with disinformation have failed with this new NORML t-shirt. Dare to resist Drug War lies and propaganda. Dare to legalize.

Ending marijuana prohibition is NORML. Help support the cause by ordering this limited edition t-shirt. Once this fundraiser has ended the shirts are gone! Reserve yours today by clicking here.

DARE to Legalize!

Celebrate the Dawn of Legalization With a Limited Edition NORML Shirt!

420shirtOn Election Day 2012, Colorado and Washington residents voted overwhelmingly to legalize marijuana. In the months that followed nearly two dozen states have introduced countless bills to reform marijuana laws locally, including an unprecendent ten measures that would legalize marijuana outright. In Washington, DC, more measures than any previous year have been introduced to roll back the federal prohibition on marijuana.

On April 20th, 2013 celebrate our recent victories and support the ongoing fight to bring these reforms nationwide by buying one of these limited edition NORML t-shirts, available exclusively during this year’s high holiday. Proceeds go to help NORML in our mission to legalize marijuana in the other 48 states!

Together, we WILL legalize marijuana.

Click here to pre-order your shirt today!

Reddit Cannabis Community R/Trees Celebrates 420,000 Members With NORML Fundraiser

One of the internet’s largest cannabis communities, R/Trees, is closing in on 420,000 members. To celebrate, they graciously offered to run a fundraiser to benefit National NORML’s work towards legalizing marijuana across the United States.

You can purchase one of their special edition shirts by clicking here. Proceeds go to benefit National NORML.

At 2pm EST R/Trees will also be hosting an online Q&A with NORML Communications Director Erik Altieri. Click here to tune in and submit your own questions on marijuana law reform!


NORML would like to extend our utmost gratitude to all the good “Ents” over at R/Trees for putting this effort together. Be sure to check out their online community here.

Got $4.20 to Pitch in For Marijuana Legalization? Help NORML Smoke the Vote This November

The 2012 election is, without a doubt, the most important one yet in the world of marijuana law refom. Three states, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon will be voting to legalize marijuana use by responsible adults and Montana, Arkansas, and Massachusetts, will be voting on medical marijuana issues. These reform efforts, coupled with local ballot measures to decriminalize possession and a presidential election, give us the opportunity to make history this November.

Help us deliver the knock out blow to cannabis prohibition this fall, support the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) in our fight to legalize responsible adult use of marijuana. Join us by donating to our fundraiser on Crowdtilt.com – donate $50, $25, $4.20, $1, whatever you can afford. Since its founding in 1970, NORML has provided a voice in the public policy debate for those Americans who oppose marijuana prohibition and favor an end to the practice of arresting marijuana smokers. Your donation ensures we can continue our mission to end cannabis prohibition once and for all.

Together we can do this. With a little help from our friends, we WILL legalize cannabis.

Click Here to Donate

NOTE: Your card will only be charged if we reach our goal of $4,200 dollars in ten days, if we don’t no one gets charged and we don’t get any donations, so please help with whatever amount you can and share with family and friends!

Read NORML’s 2012 Election Guide, Smoke the Vote, here to learn about all the ways marijuana policy is coming into play during the fall election.

Arizer Solo Vaporizer, CURE Stash Jars & No Victim No Crime Raffle Fundraiser

Hey there folks, it’s good to be back!!! Please sign the UK e-Petition here! epetitions.direct.gov.uk 25500 have signed so far, that’s only a quarter of what we need! Please sign it and get everyone else to! RAFFLE: To enter please send £2 via paypal to winstonmatthewsfund@gmail.com for every entry you would like to make for your chance to win and enter “NO VICTIM NO CRIME” in the notes section to win a Jar and Sticker. CURE stash jars are available at ukglass.bigcartel.com where you can also pick up shirts, hoodies and stickers. Thanks to those that have supported me so far by buying merch – it helps me get to all of the UKCSC meetings and help others progress in their activism locally. http Arizer solo can be bought in the uk at http:/vapefiend.co.uk Thanks to my webbie for bringing it over or a nice vape session – although we did hit the bong pretty hard all day before hand which is why I didn’t really talk about the herb! NEWEST PODCAST: cureuk.podomatic.com June 2nd 2012
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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