Bootcamp – Is Medical Marijuana Better Than Black Market Wee Chubbs and Tang talk about if MMJ is better than black market weed.

Kay One bottles and models feat red cafe

Kay One bottles and models feat red cafe

Bootcamp #24 – How Can Medical Marijuana Be Legal If It’s Illegal Federally? Chubbs and Tang talk about how medical marijuana can be legal on a state level, but still illegal on a federal level
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Chubbs and Tang talk about some of the other marijuana education schools available for students.

Canadian Cannabis Coalition Response to the Special Senate Committee Report on Illegal Drugs

(PRWEB) September 28, 2002


Keeping the Surf Drug Free

(PRWEB) December 11, 2004

Australia is a place of fantastic beaches and we all love our fun in the sand and surf. But often we see it sadly married with drugs. There is a misnamed ?soft? drug called Marijuana that has given Australia the unfortunate position of one of the top users of this drug in the world. Recent NSW government surveys show over a quarter of 14-19 year olds have tried it. And why? The youth are drawn in by the apparent social veneer that it “helps one to have a good time or be cool.”

To counteract this, the Drug-Free Ambassadors have done a series of anti-drug education events including Maroubra Fun Run and Coogee Family Fun Day, just Saturday 4 December and the Ambassadors distributed the booklet, “The Truth about Joints? for this area.

Spokesperson Cyrus Brooks said about the release: ?It gives you the hard-hitting facts including solutions to unravel the tangling web of drug addiction. The response was enthusiastic, with youth and adults alike taking the pledge to lead drug free lives and carry the torch to the future generation. In fact, young Maria took down the Ambassador details to get the group to come to her school and promote the program.?

The Drug-Free Ambassadors, an anti-drug initiative of the Church of Scientology, formed about seven years ago to speak to kids directly at fairs, festivals, schools and community organizations, to let them know that it is not hopeless and something can be done about the drug problem. With it’s easy to follow concepts it has attracted thousands of youth to be part of it. They all swear-in on a pledge to be drug free and in turn help others.

?Coogee was great with 265 youth and adults signing the drug free pledge,? Mr. Brooks continued. From the beginning their were positive responses including a lady who had been through it herself and profusely thanked the team for doing the work. There were also a fair few adults who expressed they were pro-drug and it hammered home the fact that it was important to be in the area as drugs can grow insidiously almost into part of the beach culture and one has to eradicate it through education and knowledge.?

And the new booklet is very popular. People will find out the truth; such as the fact that Cannabis is the most widely used illegal drug in Australia. Around 44% of the male population have used marijuana. Daily users tend to be males. Australia consequently has one of the highest rates of male suicide in the world, with a direct link between marijuana use, depression and suicide.

The drug effects of Marijuana include depression and drug induced psychosis – leading to more drugs to handle the “mental” problems, which really are caused from the drugs. If you decriminalise marijuana as was done in South Australia, the statistics of the dope user moving onto amphetamines, LSD and heroin are far, far greater. This doesn’t even address the whole array of cheap designer drugs, mixed in chemical labs and also the use of psychiatric drugs on the party and club-scene. Marijuana is a “gateway” drug, leading onto the harder substance use and abuse. Hence reducing teenage use of marijuana will in fact decrease the amount of heroin users.

This is a vital activity. Author and Humanitarian, L. Ron Hubbard said, “when children become unimportant to a society, that society has forfeited its future.”

Call for more details: Cyrus Brooks, 9692 7308 or 0428 755 244.


MTV Mixtape Mondays Previews Ice Cube and Cali Untouchable Radio 11

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 3, 2006

Ice Cube is currently on tour with the Clipse and Tha Dogg Pound. “It’s fun,” he said recently before a show at the B.B. King Blues Club & Grill in New York. “I’m having a ball. The last time we toured was the Up in Smoke Tour. Now, to be able to go back out and light up the country again, we’re having a ball.”

While Cube was performing at the club, Lil Jon stayed in the background next to the DJ at the turntables, until it was time to perform “Real N—a Roll Call.” Jon is the producer of Cube’s next single, “Go to Church,” which features Snoop Dogg. “I didn’t want to have a lot of cameos, but [Snoop], I definitely wanted,” Cube said. “['Go to Church'] is just one of them fun songs, a club banger, get the crowd crunk. It’s cool to get a little bit of South in there with the West Coast.”

Cube’s independent album Laugh Now, Cry Later has already spawned “Why We Thugs” and “Child Support,” and other records you can expect are “The Game Lord” on which he raps, “In South Central Los Angeles, grandmamas smoke cannabis/ Granddaughters wanna dance and sh–/ Her own mama can’t stand the b*tch.”

Laugh Now, Cry Later comes out June 6. Cube, the Clipse and Tha Dogg Pound are on tour until the beginning of June, and the rap legend said he’s going to do some spot dates through the summer, Cube can also be found hosting DJ Strong and DJ Warrior’s Cali Untouchable Radio 11.



Bootcamp- Why Haven’t Medical Marijuana Prices Gone Down? Chubbs and Tang discuss why prices for medical marijuana are still 5 per 8th for fire bud.

Kaya Compassion Medical Marijuana Dispensary’s New Pricing Policy Shows How “Competition Helps Patients” – Says Dispensary Defense Group

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 11, 2009

Kaya Compassion Center, a medical marijuana dispensary near LAX, announced today that it is setting a maximum price of $ 55 for one eighth of an ounce of its highest grade of medical cannabis. It also announced that it is becoming a Founding Sponsor of the Dispensary Defense Group, a newly launched advocate for the dispensary system.

Richard Cowan, the President of the DDG and a former National Director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), hailed the move, saying, “Patients need and deserve the widest possible choices of the highest quality medicines at the best possible prices at the most convenient locations, and we salute Kaya and its members for standing up for their rights.”

Cowan, who is also a medical marijuana patient appeared at Kaya last Sunday (7/5/09) to thank them for their support. Cowan also thanked the Marijuana Medicine Evaluation Centers (providers of medical marijuana cards) for their support for the DDG and for patients. “I got my own card through the MMEC because of their Attorney Protection Program, which helps patients who have problems with law enforcement.”

Cowan added, “The medical marijuana dispensary system is a positive good, not only for the patients, but also for the entire community. By providing a safe source of medicine for patients, the dispensaries deprive poly-drug street dealers of a big part of the market. The dispensaries also employ a large number of patients, who might not otherwise be able to get jobs. They also pay rent on locations that would otherwise be vacant in these difficult times.”

Justin Hartfield, whose cannabis club locator service was the original Founding Sponsor of the DDG, noted, “When a dispensary is well-run and draws enough patients, everyone wins. Volume lowers costs, so suppliers can lower prices. That is more important than ever, and that is why we are proud to support the DDG, and we hope that all of the best dispensaries will follow Kaya’s example and join the DDG.”

For more information, see the Dispensary Defense Group.

# # #

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Marcus Magalhães Maros Corretora
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SORRY ABOUT MYSHIT VOICEI SUCK AT SPEAKING, IF YOU CANT UNDERSTAND ME JJUST FOLLOW THIS VVVVV Hey guys Allan here, havemade a decision to stop smoking weed as i realized it hasnt gotten me anywhere in the 4 years i have been smoking… I’ll start by talking about some of the reasons why i want to quit; 1.disconected fromthe outside world and society….. When I first started smoking 4-5 years ago, it was away of socializing, you know, gooto a buddies house, chill out get baked watchmovies, talk w/e, but as years went by it just made me into this unsocial kindof guy, i mean, i do have a smal group of friends but i never go out to partys, clubs or anything and socialize.. Im 21 i never had a date and being inmy position with my CP i think i gotta work harder on presenting myself, some chicks dont mind sttoners but most want dudes with goals in life and they want someone whos goingplaces in life,its very discoouraging being 21 never been on date, thats been botheringmealotthe last few months,ialways say fuck it i’ll never find anyone, i’ll neverget laid eetc etc and me my daily routine consist ofwakingup, having my coffee, eating super, getting baked playing video games all night or watching movies till 5 am go to bed wake up and do the samething over and over not to attractive and oppertunities lost. …… I’ve had one job my entire life, i had a office job in my local marina one summer answering phones and booking people for a sailing program for the

Bootcamp – What’s the Medical Marijuana Scene Like in Orange Chubbs and Tang talk about the medical marijuana scene in Orange County, CA. If you live in OC you have to watch this vid!

Top Ten Summer Travel Destinations From Let’s Go Travel Guides

Cambridge, MA (Vocus) July 21, 2010

It’s official?after several years of penny-pinching, staycations, and a weak dollar, travelers are ready to start exploring the world again. To help travelers get back in the game, Let’s Go Travel Guides has compiled a list of its top summer travel destinations for student travelers looking to splurge a little or save. The following destinations include:

10. National Parks

National parks, in the U.S. and abroad, get big thumbs up as a staycation alternative. Cheap, often relatively close, and undeniably beautiful, national parks around the country?and the world?offer unique opportunities for the budget traveler. Campsites run for less per night than hotel rooms, s?mores cost a fraction of restaurant fare, and aside from modest park entry fees, mountains and trees tend to be pretty easy on the wallet.

9. Dublin

With a recent slowdown in economic growth and the weakening of the euro, Dublin is an increasingly budget-friendly travel hotspot. Despite its increasingly cosmopolitan reputation, modern Dublin still has the quirky flavor of a large town busily engaged in neighborhood pursuits. The city?s distinctive neighborhoods, significant student population, blossoming art and theater scenes, and an ever-thriving pub culture help Dublin retain its youthful Guinness-fueled jaunt.

8. Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, or “fresh air”, is quickly becoming one of the most popular cities for study abroad in Latin America. Student travelers are bound to meet young people from every corner of the world, not to mention locals who grill until midnight and regard a night out that ends at 4am as a weak attempt. From the Recoleta (think the Upper East Side with a pinch of Paris) to Boca (canary-yellow townhouses that empty out for rowdy soccer matches every night), Buenos Aires isn?t just a city of tango and opera anymore. Argentina?s capital is like a European city at Latin American prices, with easy access to world-class skiing, wine, and beaches.

7. Paris

Intemperance? Gluttony? Sex addiction? Ballet? There isn’t a vice that hasn’t been indulged in by previous generations in Paris. Steeped in history and allusions right down to its sewers, Paris weaves a spell in stone and sunlight. With the euro weaker than it?s been in years, travel in the City of Light, though still expensive, is cheaper than it was a year ago. The saying: ?One man?s debt crisis is another man?s favorable exchange rate.? is spot-on when talking about travel to Paris.

6. Thailand

With a unique mix of tiny islands and bustling cities like Bangkok, Thailand offers a truly unique?and affordable?getaway. With a little guidance, it?s easy to find safe, cheap, and comfy beds after a long day of elephant riding or bowing before glittering golden Buddha statues. The flight to the “Land of Smiles” may be expensive, but once there, a thriving backpacking scene and inexpensive food and lodging make Thailand a budget-travel paradise for students.

5. Costa Rica and Nicaragua

From middle-aged cannabis enthusiasts to spring-breaking co-eds, budget travelers of every age seem to appreciate the wonders of Costa Rica. Stable politics and a top-notch tourist infrastructure have made it Central America?s tourist hotspot since the 1970s. Cheaper, less touristed, and with its political troubles behind it, Nicaragua is poised to give its neighbor to the south a run for its colones?or c

Bootcamp – QA: Best Marijuana Strain for Back Pain? Chubbs and Tang talk about the best cannabis strains for back problems. Chubbs and Tang talk about the future of medical marijuana.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Bootcamp – How to Tell If Your Marijuana Is Undergrown or Overgrown? Chubbs and Tang talks about how to tell if your bud is undergrown or overgrown.

Some may call me crazy but I support our President Obama of getting on the ass of the current pot clubs for not being patient based. Til they do right by the patients and growers they have no support from GBI Medical marijuana is for patients and should be regulated and since patience won’t stand up the Federal government has to come in and correct it and keep our country on the right track. Because we all know our current clubs are not treating the patients in a fair fashion. Ohh peep the new length of the vid. It messed me up lol. Look like the tube has given the GBI team room to run
Video Rating: 3 / 5

San Jose City Council wants to shut down medical marijuana dispensaries

On September 13, 2011 the San Jose City Council approved ordinances that woulds have limit the number of medical marijuana collectives to 10, putting about 1500 jobs in jeopardy. In this video, locals affected by this decision are speaking their mind. News: On Friday october 28, a day early, CCPC turned in 48598 signatures almost 20000 more than needed. The ban is suspended. The county has 30 working days to verify the signatures. Then the city council had ten days to decide to repeal it themselves (and work with us all on a real ordinance) or put it on the June election. For more information visit

PerVers – So enden Kiffer !

und alles begann mit marihuana…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Chubbs and Tang discuss what is a mmj caregiver and how to become one.

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